Trail Layout
Track Layout for Timberland Hills East Trail.



The elevation at the parking lot is 1450 feet but in the Northeastern part of the trail it has dropped to 1200 feet! This part of the trail swingsG by an area of natural springs that bubble out of the ground year around to form the headwaters of the Clam River. A nearby sheltered picnic table allows you to sit and enjoy this beautiful phenomenon, as well as the beautiful high hardwood ridges that surround it.

GPS Map and Elevation Profile of Outer Loop


All the trails are machine groomed to about 16 feet to 18 feet wide, with double classic tracks on one side and a wide skating lane on the other. All trail junctions are marked with a map and "letters" so you always know where you are and what direction you are going. Trails can be skied in either direction, so ski cautiously and courteously - don't ski alone as there are no patrols! Timberland West is a 2.5 Km lighted ski trail. This is a beginner type trail with gently rolling terrain. The lights come on automatically at dusk and go off at approximately 11:00 PM. This machine groomed trail is about 30' wide with classic tracks around the perimeter and a wide skating lane down the middle.

Boyd Road
Timberland , WI 54829
Trail Conditions: 715-822-3727
25 KM of trails

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